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What and How We Buy

Trusting a refinery to provide you with the best deal can be tricky. Many want you to mail it to them and wait for days while they send it through various processes.  With Premier Gold Refinery,  we are different.  We do not wait to pay you from melt values. We work with you to buy exactly what you have and provide IMMEDIATE payment in ways that best suits your needs.  For details, contact one of our buyers today to discuss how we can help you.

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Scrap Precious Metals

Scrap gold and silver are the primary business. Its easy to sell to us, you will know exactly what to expect in payment.

  • Separate your items into each karat (10k, 14k etc)

  • Be sure all items are free of stones or adjust weight to consider stones.

  • Weigh and price accordingly.

  • We buy the exact weight of your items - not the melt value. No confusing formulas or percentages to factor in.

Blinding Diamonds


We will buy diamonds and offer competitive pricing for these. 

  • Small bundles of melee (knock out) diamonds removed from jewelry.

  • Diamonds of 1 carat or larger have premium options as well.

  • We will work with you to determine the best pricing and offer for your diamonds.

  • If you choose to leave your diamonds in the items, we can buy as is for premium percentages.  Regardless of which method you choose, you WILL get paid for your diamonds.

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Gold or Silver Coins

We buy all gold and silver coins.  You get prices quoted at any time on your items.

  • Silver US Coins such as pre-1964 dates.

  • War Time Nickels, Peace and Morgan Dollars, Wheat Pennies

  • Gold coins such as Coronet Heads, Krugerrands, Panda and more

  • 999 Pure silver or gold such as Silver eagles.

  • Gold and silver bars such as Apmex or Sunshine Mint.

Our Process of Purchasing

We purchase based on plumb value. This is based on the karat of the product, not the purity after removing.  What this does is allow us to pay you on the spot without waiting for melt results. It also protects you from surprise melts.  While our percentages show the difference in this, its  just a different method of reaching the same result. Due to our extensive experience and testing methods, we are able to purchase without the wait.  Post melt purchases are after the refining process is complete and based on the actual gold content that was removed.  We base it on the test of the product before it is altered in any way.  


Payment Methods

We as a small business understand the need for quick turnover and cash flow.  In order to keep you moving, we will make sure we complete the transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Several payment methods are available to fit the needs you have.  We offer direct deposit where your payment is placed in your account within 24 hours and is usually with no fee on your receiving end.  We offer domestic wires which do usually assess a fee. Checks that are written on Truist (formerly Suntrust) are the primary method. Ask us about other options such as Paypal, Payoneer, echecks, etc. 

* Please note: Verify with your bank in regards to any fees incurred by receiving payment methods. 

Ready to sell your Lot?

We offer insured pre-paid mailing labels using ParcelPro (a UPS company service).  You provide the details and we provide the label.  Discounted prices help us with insuring product and the small fee can be deducted from the payment. Once product is received and verified, payment is issued.

We offer pick up services in select nearby areas. We attempt to plan runs in select areas for multiple pickups to help with cost. 

We accept in person visits. We ask that you contact us to schedule these visits to ensure we have staff readily available to meet the needs.  

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Send It In

Using the prep-paid label, ship your insured package to us. You will be able to track the process from start to finish. 

Get Paid 

Choose your method of payment. Checks mailed 1st or overnight, wires, direct deposit are all options.  

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