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How to Sell Your Scrap Metal Online

Selling your lot has never been easier.  Use the handy online form below to let us know. Mail your product yourself to the secure center using your own labels and material or request a label shipping kit from us.  

Proper packaging is very important. We cannot be responsible for packages mailed by the customer until we have verified receipt of product.  If using our mail in service, we will provide an insured service that specializes in jewelry mailing procedures.  You will receive a pre-addressed label that you apply to UPS shipped material.  In addition, we can mail you a kit which includes all these boxes and material needed for a small processing fee that can be credited from the sale of your product. Details can be found by clicking here.  


Get an Estimate


Sort your lot and provide details via our online form here. 

Leave it to us


Receive tracking details and notifications of receipt. We will contact you with any questions or concerns. 

Ship Your Lot


Using our labels and material ensures the safest method of shipping.  Or use your own.

Get Paid


Receive the payment in whatever method you chose.  Yes, its that easy. Any bad items get returned to you.

Would you like a quote?

You can upload here if you wish to use our handwritten forms or your own. 

Upload File

Please click here to download a printable quote form. You can upload this via the link to the left if you choose.

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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