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How does this work?

With numerous refinery options, why choose us?  Below are some questions that will help you determine we are your best option for you.  Please review these questions below and contact us if you have any additional ones or for clarification.


I've got a buyer that comes by. How are you better?

Many buyers are traveling through offering the best price they say. What makes us better is we are always there. You need us, we are there. We don't just show up one week and then never hear from us again. We have a professional business that you can trust.  Most traveling buyers do not even have business cards! Why? Most don't want you to know much about them. History has proven that these guys also will entice you with good offers the first few buys then cheat you on the ones later.


What is the deal with spot pricing vs melt values?

Buyers will sometimes offer various methods of pricing your items. You will hear 98% of melt, 90% of true spot, 100% of weight after melt, etc. All of these methods offer different prices and its hard to know if you are getting what you should from it. We will walk you through our pricing method. We pay based on spot price - not melt. That way you get true worth of your product on the spot, no surprises later with no way to changing it. A recent melt  of 14k from one of our customers was 51% with all items verified as true 14k. Watch your invoices and see if you are getting true melt percentages.  


What if I don't have large quantities but still need cash flow?


We understand that most refineries want large quantities in order to obtain wholesale pricing. We buy from many dealers across several states and are able to offer great pricing for lower quantities.  Most businesses do not have excess cash flow and we understand. We will make sure you can sell what you have, when you need, and get the cash flow you need immediately.


So, are you one of those big hot-shot companies?

Definitely not!  We are a small business operating with a crew of less than 10 employees. You get a number, email and anything you want to connect to one of our buyers. You can call us whenever you have a question and we answer! Have a question about something? Call us, we will help you with it. We want to establish a long term business partnership with you.  We have some clients for over 25 years!


Let's talk payment! How long do I have to wait to get paid?

As mentioned earlier, we know cash flow is important to all businesses. This is especially true with small business.  You get paid the MINUTE we get your items.  We offer different options for this payment - but rest assured you will not wait for that payment.  Discuss your needs with us and we will without a doubt be able to work with it.  From wire transfers to ACH payment processing, we have it covered. If checks, they are written on a local bank and can be cashed immediately.  Due to security concerns and anti-money laundering policies, we do not offer cash payments.  We DO NOT report your business to any tax agency.  We are not required by any law to report your purchases, payments or business. However, your financial institution might have rules regarding anti money laundering policies.  We do abide by state and federal laws and this is subject to change in the future. 

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